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Marine Safety Products - Lifejackets, Workvests and Immsersion Suits

I120 Crew Mate USCG Type I 

Item Number: BS0120M 
  • Number pieces in packaging:1
  • Number pieces in box:6 
  • I120 Crew Mate USCG Type I  Non-reversible vest style designed for comfort and performance 
  • Buoyancy: minimum 22 lb. (98 N) 
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Retro reflective tape on upper chest and back
  • Light loop for mounting on shoulder panel (AA3766M or DA2755M)     

2200-Work Vest USCG Type III 

Item Number: SUR2200M
  • 2200-Work Vest USCG Type III 
  • Zipper and two 1.5" encircling body belts 
  • D-ring for gear attachment 
  • Lightweight and durable mesh shoulders and back

280RT-Work Vest USCG Type V  

Item Number: SUR280RTM 
  • 280RT-Work Vest USCG Type V
  • Vinyl-dipped workvest
  • Adjustable chest and shoulder straps
  • Opening on back accomodates most harnesses
  • OSHA Compliant   

I424 Comfort

Item Number: BS0632M
  • USCG approved Type III
  • Buoyancy 15.5 lbs.
  • Fitted with two pockets
  • Sizes: S-3XL

Imperial Immersion Suit USCG/SOLAS/MED, 2010  

Item Number: SUR801410M 

Imperial Immersion Suit USCG/SOLAS/MED, 2010 

  • Suits made of 5 mm neoprene
  • Three-fingered mitt
  • Wide legs for quick donning
  • Dual-zipper pull tab
  • Inflatable High-rider Ring
  • Lifting strap and buddy line
  • Comes with whistle
  • Weight: 14 lbs.

Immersion Suit USCG/MED/SOLAS 2010 Type S Universal 

Item Number: BSI590SUM
  • Made of 5 mm stretchable flame retardant neoprene
  • Inflatable Head Support
  • Lifting harness with stainless steel hardware
  • Buddy line
  • Face shield for spray protection
  • Pocket for Daniamant / ACR lifejacket lights
  • Five-finger integrated gloves
  • Non slip Soles
  • Fitted with retro-reflective tape 
Bag color: Orange
BSI590SOM Adult Oversize, Bag Color: Green
BSI590SASM Adult Small, Bag Color: Red
BSI590SCM Child, Bag Color: Yellow

Intrepid Mk8 Immersion Suit SOLAS/MED, 2010 

Item Number: ISPMK8SM

Intrepid Mk8 Immersion Suit SOLAS/MED, 2010

The Intrepid Marine Mk8 has been designed as an easy don, low cost, light weight emergency immersion suit that when packed in its zip pouch is small enough to be stored in a locker or at a work station.

The Mk8 suit is manufactured from a tough coated nylon in a high visibility red which gives the wearer the maximum opportunity of being located even in conditions of poor light. The Mk8 is designed to give generous fitting, and will accomodate a wide range of different wearers.

A generous foot size allows for donning when wearing heavy work boots.


  • Adult Universal
  • Full face seal
  • High visibility nylon
  • Large offset zip
  • Easy to don
  • Integral 5 finger gloves
  • Buddy Line
  • Packed in a zipped valise 40x17 cm
  • Weight 1 kg
  • Approved according to SOLAS (2010) as a non-insulated immersion suit