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Marine Safety Products - Livintainer and Safetytainer ATEX Safety Shelters

MRT in conjunction with our partner ATEX Safety Shelters who has signed several joint ventures with well-known and capable suppliers to combine their skills for a technical and commercial collaboration to provide fabrication and assembly of LIVINTAINER and SAFETYTAINER modules elements.

Their partners have developed an innovative concept to provide safety shelters in accordance with ATEX directives containing technical equipment designed to be installed in hazardous areas. They are provided under the trade mark SAFETYTAINER.

They study and build ATEX solutions to protect your non ATEX equipment, from explosion hazards due to explosive atmosphere caused by gas, vapors, mists or dust (Zone 1 and 2, or 21 and 22)

MRT can provide different types of modules built according to ATEX directives for: Offshore production rigs, drilling rigs, chemical and energy pants and SEVESO areas.

Our implementations are ATEX 94/9/CE approved by LCIE/BV based on workshop tests.