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Marine Safety Products, Equipment and Systems - Passive and Active Radar Reflectors

Echomax Rigid Radar Reflectors 

All Echomax passive reflectors are based on the proven John Firth; patented stacked symmetrical array. They utilize the largest possible array with the smallest possible robust polyethylene case for minimum windage and weight. Arrays are manufactured under tight tolerance controls of +/- 10 degrees for maximum return.

The patented stack design offers the most reflected radar surface area no matter the pitch or roll of the vessel, always offering a right angle corner return to the ship's radar. Echomax outperforms ALL other radar reflectors in real world conditions. Every model and size is certified to perform to spec and outperform the competition. 

Rigid radar reflectors are suitable for deck, mast mounting, or halyard suspension and are available from stock in white. Orange, black, yellow, and khaki as well as custom mounting hardware can be special ordered, and are available in many sizes. We have listed the three most popular sizes.


Height: 19 in.

Width: 7.75 in. 

Fixing Centers: 17 in. 

Fixings: 2 x 8mm stainless eyelets 

Weight: 3 lbs.


Height: 24 in.(BR), 18 in.(MIDI), 17 in.(BM1M Basemount) 

Width: 9.65 in. 

Fixing Centres: 22.4 in. (BR) 

Fixing Holes: 8mm 

Weight: 5.5 lbs. 

Max Radar Cross Section: 33M2~


Height: 27 in.

Width: 13.1 in.

Fixings: 2 x 8mm stainless eyelets

Weight: 11 lbs. 

Max Radar Cross Section: 60M2~ 


Echomax Inflatable Radar Reflectors

EM230i Inflatable Passive Radar Reflector

Manufactured from DuPont metallized, lacquered and spunbonded fabric array within an opaque PVC case. They deflate and fold for easy storage when not required. The EM230i can be hung from any regular or flag halyard via top and button mounting rings. They are a suitable addition to any grab bag for emergency use using the optional three piece fiberglass rod kit for dinghy or liferaft use. Available as pictured or with a fluorescent green cover shown below. 

Like the polyethelyne ridid reflectors, the EM230i inflatable reflector is based on a patented stacked symmetrical array. Consisting of 121 components interconnected with 43 ultrasonic welding operations inside a three piece airtight tubular PVC case. It utilizes the largest possible array made of Dupont metallized PVC sewn into an outer shell of radar transparent PVC under tight tolerance controls of +/- 15 degrees for maximum return. The patented stack design offers the most reflected radar surface area no matter the pitch and roll of the vessel. The EM230i recorded an astonishing 17m² RCS (Radar Cross Secton) peak R which exceeds the RORC requirements by nearly two fold.

Length: 29 in. 
Weight: 14.5 oz. 
Overall Diameter: 12 in. 
3 piece mounting kit: 8 oz. 
RCS:@+/-3°-17m² peak


Weight: 21 oz.
Packed: 9 x 12 in.
Inflated: 24 in. diameter

Echomax Inflatable Radar Reflectors

Echomax A03i Inflatable specifically designed for liferaft deployment

The 18 inch octoahedral array is built into a round liferaft radar reflector for easy deployment under extreme conditions. Inflatable radar detectors offer more radar reflecting surface, simple deployment and reduced abrasion. Most importantly, inflatable reflectors are more safely vacuum bagged into a liferaft then those designed from rigid metal plates. 

The A03i is built from 28 components interconnected with 17 ultrasonic welding operations inside a three piece airtight 24" round PVC case. Designed for inflation by foot or hand pump. 

Suitable for stowage in liferaft emergency packs up to 36m above sea level as required.


Surface mount for interior installation with optional flush mount, or waterproof version for exterior fitting. Wire exit from bottom or rear. Active Antenna can be special ordered without the control box for autonomous vehicles requiring just radar transponder operation. 
Green Switch activates internal buzzer when painted by X or S Band Radar 
Green LED illuminates when being painted by X Band Radar 
Yellow LED illuminates when being painted by S Band Radar 
8A Extension alarm facility when painted by either S or X Band Radar 
Externally accessible fuse 

ACTIVE-X Stainless vertical surface brackets 
Offset Mast head bracket with 10.2 in. reach and 1 inch -14NF thread 
Base fitting for cabin roofs, A frames 
26" extension pole 

Echomax Active Radar Reflector 

Active-X and XS Radar Target Enhancer amplifies and returns an amplified response when excited by incoming radar signals. This grealy increases your vessel's RCS, radar cross section, and the likelihood of alerting oncoming vessels of your position, especially in poor conditions. Active-X reduces the risk of surprise or collision. The streamlined reflector is only 27 inches high and 1.6 inches in diameter allowing for flexible installation on all sorts and sizes of vessels. 

Active-X is typically used for coastal waters where ships run their X band radar only. 

Active-XS picks up both X band and offshore S band radar for more complete protection.

The package includes an onboard alarm control box that indicates to the operator their vessel is a radar target. An alarm condition triggers both internal and external visual and audible alarms. This is available as a standard surface mounted box, flushmount, or waterproof configuration for extreme conditions.

Reception frequency: X Band Radar 9.3 - 9.5 GHz , S Band Radar 2.9 - 3.1 GHz 
Operating Temperature: - 20 to + 60 degrees C 
Voltage: 12V DC - + 30% -10% (voltage surge and cross polarity protected) 
Current consumption in standby state: <23mA 
Current consumption when transmitting: X Band Radar 190mA, S Band Radar 155mA. 
Position accuracy: Within 3 feet 
EIRP: 1W (typically) 

Antenna length: X band 18.76 in. , XS band 27 in. 
Antenna width: 1.6 in. 
Mounts to standard 1 x 14 Antenna mount 
Antenna weight without cable: 1.25 lbs. 
Control Box width: 3.6 in. 
Control Box height: 2 in. 
Control Box depth: 1.5 in. 
Cable length: 80 ft. X band 2 core, XS band 3 core 0.5mm2 
Cable weight: 2 lbs. 


Aquamate Solar Still Desalinator 

Aquamate solar stills are light, compact and very easy to use. They utilize solar radiation to distill and collect pure drinking water from sea or impure water. The Aquamate still will produce 500-2000 ccs of water per day and has been used by Civilian and Military services around the world for over forty years. 
  • Tear open pack for emergencies 10x9x3 inches
  • Easily inflated by mouth
  • Lanyard fixing
  • Pure water stored in separate pouch
  • High visibility orange plastic
  • Proven reliability
  • Made to ISO 9002 with NATO stock number